Are You Listening?

Your prospective and current customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders are already talking about you online. Are you taking part in these conversations now? Social business online is all about participating in these conversations and interactions. Creating a community online for your stakeholders is one way to begin listening, learning, sharing information, establishing relationships and building trust. But how do you get started?


Operational Impact

Social business online is reshaping every business, every customer interaction, every relationship in the business cycle. To respond, your firm needs to develop an understanding of social business opportunities. How will your organization’s social business strategy align with its strategic objectives? Which operational processes will be most affected, and how? How can your firm leverage these changes for business benefit? Where can you turn for specific, research-based advice and guidance on the right strategies, the right operational responses, identifying the right resources and training the right people?


Social. Business. Online.

What does it mean? Listening and responding. Knowing more about your customers than your competitors do. Learning what your customers want from your company’s products and services before a competing firm delivers it to them. Reacting to a customer’s issues and concerns about your services, products, brands and organization so quickly and effectively that each encounter becomes part of your success story, rather than a crisis.

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Why Leader Networks?

Our expertise, developed over 25 years (yes, really!) of experience creating, running and analyzing online communities, gives us an unparalleled understanding of the unique characteristics and distinctive patterns of online social engagement and interaction. We help you create social programs that balance the competing needs of open interaction and member confidentiality, and avoid the pitfalls of getting it wrong and having to start over. We develop engagement programs that bring new people to your online space, delighting them and creating comfortable, sustained interactions with your firm. As our clients can attest, we know how to guide your firm’s team through the maze of decision points that lead to social business success.

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