It’s Time To Get Serious About Social!

Social media has evolved from a broadcast marketing opportunity to something that can be leveraged to serve customers, inform product and service innovations, reduce costs, and boost shareholder value. There are deep analytics to gather and understand, dynamic web sites to create (and recreate), and customer experiences to define – all while remembering to do social good, and be inclusive and diverse. It’s technical, creative, data-driven, and customer-centric. It’s impossible to be an expert at one’s own job because there are far too many micro-specialties to govern over. And it’s absolutely exhausting.
What is a marketing leader to do?

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#RepresentationMatters, Your Guide to Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive Marketing strives to create a visual culture that is more representative. Inclusion is different than diversity. Diversity has become an empty term in most organizations, often denoting little more than the checking of boxes and meeting of quotas. It depends on making one group—say men, or white people—the default and everyone else the other. Conversely, inclusion speaks to the quality of experience, where multiple perspectives are sought out and treated equitably.

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Social Selling – Let’s Get a Few Things Straight

The first step to becoming an effective social seller is to understand that social selling is a complement to traditional sales methods—not a revolutionary approach that replaces them. At the end of the day, it is still about connecting people to people, and people to data. Social selling, due to its ability to enhance the customer journey, is an incredibly powerful sales tool. But, like any tool, its value and utility are ultimately tied to the skills of the individual employing it.

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You Say You Want a (Customer Experience) Revolution?

The customer has been king for a while, but he certainly hasn’t had a castle. To date, there hasn’t been a single, unified place where a company or organization can interact with the customer, listen to his desires, and orchestrate the fulfillment of his needs. Now, new research conducted by Leader Networks and CMX Media suggests that a customer experience revolution is underway and that the customer has been ensconced in his rightful place: the online community.

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New Report: Keys to Community Readiness and Growth

New Research Report: Keys to Community Readiness and Growth. Of the more than 400 marketing and community practitioners who participated in the study, two-thirds are currently running a branded online community, and one-third are considering one but haven’t launched one to date. Study participants came from both business to business and business to consumer organizations and ranged in size from under 100 to over 50,000 full-time employees.

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2016: Welcome to the Year of Social Business Strategy

Today, CMOs are squarely at the helm of their companies’ social business initiatives.

Fast forward to 2016. CMOs are now well acquainted with social media’s organizational impact. They’re no longer using it as a mere broadcast marketing mechanism. They’re leveraging social media across the enterprise – to serve customers, inform product and service innovations, reduce costs, and boost shareholder value.

As the market has matured, I have adapted and refined our Social Business Strategy Map to reflect the new insights I’ve gained through helping hundreds of organizations become social businesses.

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Robin Carey Danced on the Stage of Life

Beautiful. Visionary. Witty. Feminist. Passionate. Loved. Robin Fray Carey danced on the stage of life. She changed created the social media industry. Her love of her family and her work was the passion that drove her to be the industry icon she became. She had the power to convene.

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Why Inclusive Marketing should be on Your Agenda for 2016

Race. Gender. Sexuality. Class. Immigration status. Religion. Ethnicity. Ability. What do any of these have to do with marketing?  Quite a bit, actually.  Marketing has always been focused on demographics – targeting groups of people based on specific perceived characteristics (Think “Baby Boomers” or “Working Moms”). However, the pre-packaged approach is not viable for two […]

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The 10 Most Important Questions for Community Managers to Ask

For community managers, knowing the right questions to ask is the key to success. Why? If you can crack the code on what community members want and need from each other – and from the organization – then your content and conversations are much more likely to drive engagement. Plus, if you can meet your executives’ business needs through the community, then you will have a champion in your corner and some truly powerful outcomes to report.

With that in mind, we created this infographic to help community managers ask the right questions and deliver the right results.

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Online Community Managers: A Tool of Our Own!

For years, social media marketers have had tools like Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and Hubspot to do their work faster and better. But what about online community managers? We were left to our own devises. We had to track, facilitate, outreach, and report on the impact of our branded community without a tool in sight. So we lost precious time, and suffered frequent burn out, because we had to perform ongoing and critical relationship building and reporting activities by hand. My colleagues and I set out to change that – and we created Network Activator.

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